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Private Sessions with
Ashton Rae Wild

Multidimensional Galactic Healing Session

60 Minute Session - $250 USD


In a Multidimensional Galactic Healing Session you may:


  • Experience powerful multidimensional healing

  • Receive channeled messages and guidance to make quantum shifts

  • Connect with your future self

  • Clear outdated soul contracts

  • Upgrade your brain to the new human template

  • DNA upgrades

  • Receive enlightenment about past life lessons

  • Release parasitic entities

  • Explore deep karmic work

  • Harmonize interpersonal and relational patterns

  • Create a pathway for ascension


These sessions create Powerful Soul Alchemy.

We are learning that quantum physics has proven there are multiple possibilities for our future. Checking in with those possibilities will help you navigate your path toward true healing and ascension.

During our session, I’ll be connecting in with your system via psychic remote access. Then we’ll travel together through different dimensions, releasing blocks to help you move into alignment with your BEST life.

In our travels, your guides may show up to offer you insights into your past lives and future possibilities.

The world is changed, and we’re being called to do the same. We’re being given the opportunity to step into these vast fields of possibilities. We are being called to take these opportunities to ascend into the etheric realms, in full relationship with our body.

In these soul led sessions, we’ll be accessing deep points of insight, while also creating space for greater calm within your nervous system. We’ll be accessing points of entry for bridging your brain, body, and heart. . .through your mind, body, and spirit.

Working in connection with your Future Self, we have the opportunity to transmute the energies that are holding you back! Whatever the obstacle, we’ll travel together to the edge of consciousness to create new access points for ushering in your New Human Blueprint.  

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