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Hi, I'm Ashton Rae Wild.


I am a Galactic Ambassador, Multidimensional Medical Intuitive, and Cosmic Shaman who is here to assist you as you reshape your own reality

My Mission

My mission is to help you reconnect to your soul's purpose. To open your mind to the possibility that you are more than just a physical body. . .more than just a mind. . .more than just a spirit. You are all a sacred combination of all three. . .a Body, a Mind, and Spirit.

My Purpose

I am here as a Galactic Ambassador for evolution, compassion, guidance, and peace.  I am here to assist you as you move through your ascension process. . .to come into greater wholeness within your body. . .and to step more fully into your own unique superpowers. I am here to assist you as you delve more deeply into your own soul's purpose, passion, and evolution.  I am here to help you uncover ways to enhance your ability to live your best life.  I am here to assist you as you awaken to your own sacred, multidimensional, galactic gifts.

My Skills

I use methodologies that are as old as time and based in future technologies. These methodologies are as unique and individual as you are!

I have the gift of being able to see souls, which I realized at a very young age. And now I am here as a bridge, to help you get to your next level of awakening. To take bring together the physical aspects of evolution, with the spiritual aspects of awakening

"We step out of the old paradigm through being our own true self and stepping into the greatest health possibly. It's in owning every part of our body including our nervous system, brain, and DNA. It's in being completely resonant with every aspect of who we are, that we will find freedom. Freedom to be whom we came here to be." 
                                                            -Ashton Rae Wild

My Story

During my formative years, I found it quite difficult to interact with others. From the earliest I can remember; I was considered extremely shy. And from the age 11 to 18, I was unable to speak with, look at, or touch/be touched by most of the people I encountered. My family, a couple close friends, and highly regarded adult mentors were my only exceptions.


At the same time, I had a very vivid imagination, which allowed me to spend hours in other worldly realms. I had a very close friend in one of those realms. He and I would spend hours playing in his underwater world and running through the many ruins surrounding his home. 


While at school, or home, when I was unable to spend time with my best multidimensional friend, I relished the time I was either work on my mathemathics homework, or decipher the moves needed to solve my Rubik’s Cube.


I spent hours with my cube: twisting, turning, thinking, figuring. . .curious about what each move meant, and how it affected the cube as a whole. After several months, I had not only solved the cube once, but I had also mastered the ability to solve it whenever I felt the urge.

For my 13-year-old mind, it was important that I not look at a manual or have someone else teach me the steps necessary to solve the cube. I felt it was necessary for me to understand its complexities and to decipher the many possible combinations of moves necessary to bring it back into coherence.


As an adult, I have realized that my childhood experiences gave me many moments to enhance my abilities for working within the realms of the unseen.


Playing with my otherworldly friend allowed my cells and nervous system to acclimate to other dimensions, space, and time. It allowed me to feel safe with other beings, and within other realms. And it gave me an opportunity to practice my multidimensional skills.


Playing with the cube allowed my mind to practice seeing patterns, static as well as operational. It allowed me to understand that while I am working within the visible realm, unseen patterns were immerging and shifting at the same time. This was another way to practice fine-tuning my multidimensional skills.

Would you like someone to open the doorway into quantum possibilities, so you may claim the soul gifts that are waiting for you?

Are you are ready to take that courageous step into fully being your unique self?

If you are ready to say YES to multi-dimensional healing and a life on your highest timeline.  I would be honored to assist you, as you open up to more of the possibilities awaiting you along your journey.    

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