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Ashton Rae Wild

Galactic Ambassador, Multidimensional Intuitive, & Cosmic Shaman

Let Me Introduce Myself. . .

I am Ashton Rae Wild. . .

           A Phoenix Rising from the Ashes

                       Illuminating the power of transformation.

I am Ashton. . .       

     A Decoder of Patterns,

          A Creator of Art,

               A Translator of Systems,

                    A Channel of Genius.


I am Rae. . .             

     A Reflector of Light,

          A Resonator of Sound,

               An Interpreter of Vibration,

                    An Illuminator in the Dark.

I am Wild. . .            

     A Transformation Alchemist,

          A Multidimensional Psychic,

               A Medical Intuitive,

                    A Galactic Ambassador.

I am Ashton. . .

                  Rae. . .

                      Wild. . .

                          The Wild One!




"Ashton has literally been a life saver. She’s been treating my 2 dogs for nearly their whole lives. Western vet medicine had failed the older one who is now 14. After seeing Ashton for regular sessions, we no longer had the all-too-frequent emergency vet visits. Since then we’ve worked on an as-needed basis. At first, my partner was skeptical, but now suggests when it’s time for an Ashton visit. I know my dogs’ lives, and mine, are much improved for having Ashton’s care."


Miriam D "Doggy Mama" Olympia, Washington USA

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